2 Things That Will Get You Guaranteed Clicks

All these online platforms, is it really about writing? Let me share what I have discovered

Thilina Dasantha
4 min readDec 11, 2021


Let’s face it, we are all here for money, maybe some exposure.

That isn’t bad. It’s a good cause for yourself and no one can say otherwise.

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But, after being in the frame for a while, I have realized that you can’t really attract the general audience by publishing what you call your unique taste. I’m not saying that It’s bad, but your target audience should be the general masses with limited attention span and an eye for something important to them.


How is a good question. Among the article and work I have read so far, I noticed an emerging pattern in articles and work with high read ratios.

It’s quite simple actually, you could call It human nature. Two things you can write that would get you a hit no matter the platform you are in.

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Emotional Blackmailing

Pardon my French, but I wrote as the way it is used. We use these more often than we think. It’s not necessarily an active thing. What I meant here is how people write emotion-triggering articles. You would read such an article with a captivating headline, won’t you?

Headlines like,

“My abusive relationship led me to the best decision I’ve ever taken”

“Death of my Dog and How I’m coping with it.”

“Dealing with a terminal illness”

Articles like these are more common than you think. I read them, I love them, and I feel them. It’s not bad. There’s a common formula in it. Here’s what I have discovered.

1. A captivating headline with emotional meaning.

You got to start strong. The headline is the first thing they are going to notice. Use it to your advantage. Summarize your entire story into 10 words. It’s hard, but It’s worth it. Make sure it’s emotional.



Thilina Dasantha