Dear Medium, Thank You

I was selected to take part in Medium Creator Fellowship. Here are my thoughts on it

Thilina Dasantha
2 min readNov 9, 2021


I am a firm believer in the quote, “Everything happens for a reason”. Meeting a new friend, investing in a hobby, and taking a leap of faith such things will reveal their purpose eventually. I was referred to Medium by a colleague of mine, saying that I could use some exposure to my writing here. So I took it on and started writing for the Medium.

Although I started it as a hobby, I was able to see beyond that soon after I earned my first few dollars off of it.

So I wrote and wrote but never been able to reach any kind of satisfying outcome for a few months.

I was close to giving up thinking that this isn’t working out and then Medium reached out to me, well not exactly me, but it was something like that for me.

I was to take part in a fellowship program initiated by the Medium itself, and they compensated me for participating in it. All I had to do was what I already do at medium, write.

Photo by Pedro Araújo on Unsplash

So I did. I wrote 4 articles per month, and It fixed my writing schedule a bit. I was never a guy who would write with a schedule. I write only when I get random motivation or inspiration out of nowhere, and This was far too different. I was working towards something and I had to deliver.

It was ringing inside my head for a while.

“Write, write, write. You need to write.”

I had to. It was so alien to me, but It was also productive. I was reading more than before because of it. I was taking notes on my daily routine and the things I encounter. It was all a fresh experience for me.

For that, I wanted to thank Medium.

A great platform for a writer, no matter what others say about it. If you can apply yourself to it and learn what It is about, it is the platform for you.

Don’t think about numbers at first. Enjoy yourself while writing.

When It’s time, you will get your results.

I got this totally random article I wrote end up in Top of the Google Search.

It’s inevitable.



Thilina Dasantha